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Medical accountants on the Wirral

A reputable accountant with excellent knowledge of your specific business sector will be an asset to you in the long term. As constant changes are introduced, there is increased pressure on those in the medical profession to spend more time on patients, which usually means less time planning finances and record keeping. Medical accountants on the Wirral specialise in the profession and will be able to offer an insight and advice in all areas of your finances.

If bookkeeping, preparation of accounts and completion of self assessment tax returns falls behind, you will receive a penalty from HM Revenue & Customs. When faced with pressures of work, it is natural that you will fall behind with administration. How do you choose an accountant who will dedicate themselves to your tax affairs and financial planning? Initially, if you work in the medical profession it is advisable to select specialist medical accountants. Wirral doctors face some complex issues with their income, taxation and pensions which an accountant must have knowledge of.

Doctors in self-employment

A number of doctors, in hospitals and in GP surgeries, spend time outside their regular employment performing other duties. You may only have a small period of time when you can visit your accountant, which is why they should be available through various mediums and at varying hours of the day. A reputable accountant will be happy to have an informal chat with you before you decide whether you are happy with the service provided. An established doctors’ accountant will also know that your time is precious and will be able to hold a meeting at your premises if required.

Medical accountants – giving valuable advice

The tax and accountancy requirements of a doctor are unique and need specialist knowledge, which medical accountants on the Wirral have. Other than simple preparation of accounts and a tax return, an accountant will be able to help with financial planning, your pension and help you decide whether forming a Limited Liability Partnership would be worthwhile for you. Issues with a general practice may cause problems for GPs, possibly costing money in the long term. Costs are a crucial part of any business and a reputable accountant should be happy to provide all-important estimates before anything goes ahead.

Here at Wainwrights, we can minimise your tax liability while providing advice on the constant changes to the medical profession. For more information on how we can help you, get in touch today.