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UK SMEs exports are up by 30%

Since 2016, UK-based firms have been working hard to increase the amount they export, and research suggests that many of them have been very successful.

According to a study carried out by the Royal Mail, overall, UK SMEs are exporting an average of 30% more than they did in 2016.

The organization discovered that 52% of firms were engaged in selling their products outside of the UK. In 2016, only 40% were doing so.

However, some company owners are still holding back because of the costs involved and the perceived complexity of sending goods abroad. They are particularly worried about the risk of losing money due to the exchange rate.

A spokesperson from the Royal Mail, said about these issues:

“If UK SMEs want to benefit as a result, they need to expand into international markets. Many of the perceived barriers our research has identified can be easily addressed.”

Those who have taken the initiative and started exporting have often done so with the help of their accountant. Any good accountant from Liverpool, or beyond, is able to assist business owners in understanding all of the costs involved and accurately track them.

Using this data, firms are able to quickly identify whether an export market is worth entering. Importantly, they can also quickly see when they need to pull out and seek new customers elsewhere, or put their prices up.

Most of the businesses who responded to the survey said that they were aiming to export 20% of what they produce in the future, meaning that despite Brexit concerns, the amount UK SMEs export overall should continue to increase.

Posted by Mark
September 18, 2018
Small Business

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