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Tips for choosing an accountant

An accountant is like any other partner in business; they must suit you, your personal needs and, naturally, your business needs. Understanding that you are working with the best accountant for your business is going to mean that you feel safe in the knowledge that your business and its finances are looked after properly.

A good accountant can help growth and profit

Having an accountant you can rely on means that you are able to use your time and energy elsewhere in your business. You will be free to boost the income and success of your business while your accountant provides you with profit and loss reports to help you to analysis and streamline. For example, the accountant can identify products on which you are actually making a loss rather than a profit.

An accountant that flexes with you

Firms grow and evolve over time, which means that their accountancy needs are also constantly changing. For example, many smaller businesses only need bookkeeping services. They just need their financial data to be kept organised, so they can file a correct tax return.

As a firm grows, they are more likely to need a professional personal accountant. They need someone to deal with monthly and quarterly forecasts, VAT returns, ledger management and more.

It’s therefore important to find an accountant that can flex with your business. If your firm suddenly gets super busy, you are going to need an accountancy firm that can flex up and take over matters like managing a growing payroll. Should things go quiet for a while, you need an accountant that will step back a bit if you need them to and just provide basic accountancy support.

Always choose a qualified accountant

If you are employing someone to do your accountants, it is vitally important to hire someone who is properly qualified. In the UK, the best approach is to look for a chartered accountant. You need to bear in mind that even when you employ an accountant, you are still ultimately responsible for the accuracy of your accounts, so be sure that the company you employ will do the job properly and fully.

Where to get help

To find out what type of accountant you need, why not ask us. We help firms to work out what they need us to do and what they can continue to do themselves.

Posted by Peter
December 4, 2015

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