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The demand for contractors in 2014

According to a series of industry reports, there has been a growing need for contractors this year, with one of the latest surveys revealing that vacancies have risen by eight percent in comparison with 2013.

Information from APSCo, an organisation in the recruitment industry, has indicated that the rise in contractor vacancies forms part of an increase in temporary and permanent positions on offer throughout a variety of sectors. The IT sector has shown a particularly impressive growth in the number of jobs offered, according to APSCo, with a year-on-year figure of 18 percent seen last month.

REC, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, has revealed that the number of skills in short supply in the contract market was greater than in the permanent market during July, which is the first time this has occurred in 2014. With a total of seven IT skills lacking amongst contractors compared with five among permanent employees, this makes the demand for suitably qualified contract workers even more acute.

In fact, the number of IT skills deemed scarce in the contract market has doubled since June this year. The skills shortages as they now stand mean that there are many businesses desperately seeking contractors with experience in SQL, Java, PHP, development, architecture, business intelligence and .net. Ecommerce, which was previously scarce, has recently become a skill that many more contractors are offering.

Ann Swain, the APSCo executive, said that the recent impressive growth figures seen across all sectors ought to lead to greater employment, but one potential drawback could be a lack of suitable candidates. However, the ‘Report on Jobs’ July edition, published by the KPMG / REC, stated that recruiters had reported an increase in placements for both permanent and contract staff.

It seems that contractors, along with permanent staff, may be feeling more confident as the economy picks up and more inclined to target new opportunities.

Posted by Peter
September 13, 2014

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