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The benefits of hiring an accountant for contractors

Self-employment can be a very positive experience and managing the financial aspects of your new business need not be onerous. In the early days of your new venture, it may be tempting to put off the needs of tax reporting in favour of focussing on work. It may seem that time spent filling in forms and submitting them to HMRC is time not well spent in earning money or finding the next job.

Alternatively, you may believe that performing all the accounting and book keeping functions yourself could save money and, indeed, that may be true, but only if you have a detailed knowledge of UK tax laws and understand the expectations of HMRC. Aside from the time consuming aspect of doing it yourself, a lack of accounting knowledge and experience can result in errors that could cost you money and perhaps even the worry of having your records rejected by the Revenue.

The employment of a cheap accountancy for contractors, who are experienced in helping people like you, will relieve all these concerns. They can tailor their services to suit your needs, provide invaluable tax advice and help put your business on a solid footing from the start. By taking care of VAT and annual returns as well as your personal tax returns, a contractor accountancy service will leave you free to build your business in confidence. In short, you will get an expert who will ensure all your financial obligations, both business and personal, will be met without error leaving you free to focus on making your business venture a success.

Posted by Mark
September 13, 2012
Small Business

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