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Study suggests contractors boost employment rates

A recent study has implied that the rise in employment rates since the beginning of the recession has come as a result of increasing numbers of people choosing contracting and self-employment.

Carried out by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), the study also pointed to contracting being seen as a viable way to make a living.

On the day the results of the TUC research were published, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) also released job figures suggesting a positive trend for employment.

According to the TUC’s research, since the recession began back in 2008, there has been almost a 10% rise in the number of Britons classified as self-employed – which itself is an increase of around 330,000. Conversely, the number of UK employees has fallen by just over 280,000 – a drop of around 1%.

One area experiencing the biggest increases in the number of freelancers and contractors is secretarial and administrative work, which saw a rise of around 52%. Similarly, contracted customer services and sales roles rose by almost a third.

When choosing self-employment, workers are advised to seek the help of professionals specialising in accountancy for contractors, who will be able to help budding workers stay abreast of the law and up-to-date with the latest legislation.

Frances O’Grady, general secretary at the TUC, expressed some concern over the legitimacy of the new contractor roles, stating that many of them could amount to what she called ‘false self-employment’ – referring to instances in which workers undertake roles similar to those employed on a contractor basis, only under poorer terms and conditions.

Posted by Peter
February 12, 2013
Research & Statistics

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