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Study finds contractors have the advantage when it comes to creativity

Correlation could exist between the level of control that contractors have over their working environment and their creative output, recently published research has suggested.

Conversely, those working within traditional office environments are believed to be more stifled from a creative standpoint. Published by Overbury – a specialist in workplace refurbishment – the survey also suggested that employees are fully aware that their employers’ success depends largely on their creativity.

Of those surveyed, around 50% said they believed their company would be able to make more money if workers were more creative.

Around a third (29%) questioned said they do not feel they have the ability to come up with new ideas while at work, and 35% feel much more creative when they work from home.

This is considered good news for contractors, who typically have greater levels of control over the hours they work and the environments in which they operate.

On average, those surveyed said they wanted more space in which to socialise, improvements in office heating, better provision of snacks, more attractive furnishings and better hot beverages – all of which are elements of the working day that contractors are able to control themselves. Contractors often have a lot to think about when it comes to arranging finances and remaining in line with tax laws, which is why specialist accountancy for contractors is typically called for.

Overbury’s director of marketing and sales, Anthony Brown, said it is worrying how so many employees across the UK have found themselves without the basic elements necessary to encourage creativity.

Posted by Louise
March 12, 2013
Research & Statistics

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