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Some SME owners waste eight working days a month on procedures and processes

A recent survey has highlighted the fact that most business owners are wasting many hours each week processing information and dealing with procedural tasks.

The survey was carried out by the software provider Process Bliss. The firm surveyed a selection of senior managers and discovered that most of them spent a lot of time carrying out menial tasks. This is time they would rather spend on marketing, developing new clients and growing their businesses.

Just over half of senior managers, 54%, said that they spent one day per week on procedural and processing tasks. Meanwhile, a further 34% said that they spent two days a week on this type of work.

Most of the managers interviewed, 76%, admitted that they are not good at managing the day-to-day tasks essential for running a business. This was the case regardless of the industry or sector the survey taker worked in.

This is an issue that business service providers are aware of and are trying to solve for their business customers. Many accountants in Bromborough offer to audit their client’s accounts related processes – a crucial advantage in business-savvy Wirral.

Doing so enables the accountant to gain an even better understanding of the business, as well as identify inefficiencies in those processes and procedures. Once the review is done, it is the SME owner who decides whether to invest in change or not.

Typically, the cost of buying new software or apps and training staff to use them is recouped extremely quickly. Most modern applications and tools are extremely user-friendly, so the majority of firms are able to get up and running with them within minutes.

Posted by Peter
January 8, 2019
Small Business

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