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Some GP practices set to receive smaller funding increases than anticipated

Recent changes to the way GP practices are funded may lead to some of them not receiving as much extra money as expected.

In March, after the GP contract negotiations were completed, it was announced that England-based surgeries could expect to receive, on average, an extra 3.4%. This calculation was based on the fact that an additional £256.3m was to be made available to cover the rising cost of running their premises.

Naturally, the news of additional funding was largely welcomed by the medical community. However, following closer inspection of the changes, specialist medical accountants have realised that surgeries with static lists may not receive as much extra cash, as was first thought.

In a news story on the AISMA website, a director of the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants, Luke Bennett, explained why that was the case, he said:

“0.8% of the investment is to allow for the predicted increase in the population. Therefore, a practice with a static list size might reasonably expect an increase of not 3.4%, but 2.6%.”

Specialist medical and doctors accountants in Liverpool and other parts England, are currently working to understand the full impact of these changes. It is vital that GPs who are at risk of receiving less funding than anticipated are made aware of this as soon as possible.

Many surgeries are planning improvements for the future that could potentially cost a lot of money to implement. Planning big changes requires an investment of many man hours. No GP surgery can afford to waste valuable resources planning out improvements only to realise they cannot afford to implement them.

Posted by Mark
April 19, 2018

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