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SMEs look for help with auto-enrolment

Accountants are advising small firms that are having difficulties with auto-enrolment, says a recent survey.

A Creative Auto Enrolment study found that close to 25 per cent of smaller enterprises are on course to omit preparations, with 12 per cent of owners staging from 2015 to 2018 intending to pay no attention to auto-enrolment.

The study of over 500 firms with between 1 and 57 employees discovered that 28 per cent feel there is insufficient support available for dealing with the legal side of auto-enrolment. Of those, an alarming 70 per cent confessed that they have no idea who to ask for help, and 29 per cent don’t have faith that their advisors have enough knowledge to help them.

Accountants are doing all they can to help the situation, with 18 per cent of those surveyed saying they have already been approached by either their accountant or advisor.

Creative Auto Enrolment’s managing director, David White, said that there are more than 1.2m small firms with one employee or more that need to begin the auto-enrolment process.

He added:

“A vast number of those are expecting their accountant or payroll bureau to come to the rescue when it comes to the legislation.

“However we know that auto-enrolment preparations are not just an administrative nightmare for small businesses, it’s a huge task for accountants too.”

Many small firms will reap the benefit from accountants in the Wirral, who are ready to deal with any business needing help with auto-enrolment.

Posted by Peter
April 24, 2015
Small Business

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