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Slight rise in IT contractor demand during April

Having hit their lowest point in almost three years during March, IT contractor demand levels enjoyed a slight rise last month – although not to the sort of highs they were hitting before.

The REC index of freelance IT contractors showed that demand had risen to 54.3 compared with 54.2 the previous month. A spokesperson for the REC stated that companies were looking to freelance contractors to provide them with IT work on a temporary basis while Brexit continues to make the country’s longer term economic future uncertain.

KPMG served as the co-author of the REC Report on Jobs and the firm backed this assessment, pointing out that temporary contractors are being chosen because firms are not sure what will happen regarding the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union and do not want to commit themselves to hiring people on a permanent basis.

The accountancy firm added that it is a good period for freelance IT workers because both short contract and day rate ones are enjoying big pay increases. James Stewart, from KPMG, went on to argue that the reason rates of freelance IT contractors were not rising more sharply was because Brexit uncertainty was also leading to fewer of them applying for the available work – leading to a skills gap for tech companies.

One option is for these workers to get advice from accountants for contractors in Liverpool, Manchester, London or wherever they are based, but Neil Carberry of the REC suggested that the government needed to introduce reforms to improve business stability and encourage IT training.

Posted by Louise
May 21, 2019
Research & Statistics

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