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Quarter of calls go unanswered by HMRC

HMRC has admitted that it has yet to succeed in aligning customer service with its intended quota. It is, however, gathering more in the way of tax revenues, according to the most recent report on performance.

The six-month report factors in provisional results, showing that HMRC took in over £8.8 billion in further revenues from compliance in that period. It says that the results represent the best performance ever seen at this stage of the year.

It was also revealed, however, that customer service standards are not where they should be. Between April and September of this year, HMRC took 72.7 per cent of calls. This is up from 2012 but not even close to the 90 per cent target.

The situation is far from ideal for personal or business tax payers who have pressing queries, as many are unable to get through to the helpline. A business owner may choose to leave it to their accountant in Prenton, or wherever they are based, to make any enquiries; they will also be in a better position to understand the eventual response.

HMRC has said there are numerous reasons for issue, including technology breakdowns, more support being moved to help with the implementation of RTI and a busy final week heading towards the July 31 renewal deadline for tax credits.

Furthermore, plans to implement additional automated speech features onto the phone lines were postponed while some modifications were being made to the service. A full roll-out is expected in December.

Posted by Louise
December 4, 2013

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