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Millions filing pointless tax returns

A huge number of taxpayers in the UK are having to go through the painstaking process of filing tax returns, in spite of the fact that they don’t owe any (or barely any) tax, say critics.

Official numbers show that 25 per cent of people completing returns owe anything from nothing at all to £50.

Around one-third of taxpayers are having to file returns every year. There is nothing to be paid in 16 per cent of all cases. A further eight per cent owe under £50.

Workers with salaries of over £100,000, or company directors, are obliged to complete tax returns, even in cases where there is no additional, undeclared income.

Workers who earn over £100,000 or directors of companies must automatically fill in a tax return, even if they have no extra, undeclared income.

A HMRC spokesman said that they don’t need tax returns completed if they’re not 100 per cent necessary.

He commented:

“That’s why we automatically remove 400,000 people from self-assessment every year. For those who do, we’ve made it easier than ever to send in a self-assessment return by bringing in short tax returns and online self-assessment, and we are taking this much further by introducing the new digital tax accounts.”

Businesses don’t have time for unnecessary paperwork, and the less they can get away with the better. However, for those firms that do need to file a return, an accountant in the Wirral can take the pain out of their hands and complete it on their behalf. They will also be far less likely to make a costly mistake.

Posted by Mark
June 19, 2015

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