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June brings IT contractor boost

June saw a real improvement in the number of skilled tech contractors in the market, compared with the previous month, with several areas that were experiencing a shortage of qualified freelancers no longer doing so.

The results for May indicated that demand was outstripping supply in 11 areas of the tech market, but last month’s figures showed that a sufficient number of skilled workers had been found in a number of these fields. Among the areas that were no longer experiencing a skills shortage were Java, Data Analysis, CNC and Cloud Engineering. In total, there remained a shortage of nine different kinds of IT contractor, compared with the 11 in May.

Companies that belong to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation told Contractor UK that important areas of the tech market – such as General IT, Gaming, Digital, CAD and Development – are still dealing with a shortfall in the number of qualified freelancer contractors available. This can also be significant for related sectors, such as contractor accountants in Liverpool, London and other UK cities.

The Report on Jobs for June issued by this organisation also found that freelancers skilled in Oracle Fusion were more widely available during that month, but that businesses were seeking what they are describing as ‘Oracle Specialists.’

Figures for the full-time IT market in June were similar to those for the contractor marketplace, with 16 areas continuing to experience skills shortages in comparison with 20 during May, which marks an overall improvement while still indicating cause for concern.

Posted by Peter
July 15, 2019
Research & Statistics

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