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HMRC to use AI to carry out millions of mundane tasks

The UK tax office has announced plans to use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate some of its processes.

The use of robots and artificial intelligence is widespread throughout the world. They are used by thousands of businesses to

automate and streamline all kinds of mundane, easy and repetitive tasks. So, it is only natural for HMRC to do the same.

This change to the way the UK tax authority works was talked about by the organizations, digital transformation director Brigid McBride. In a speech she gave at the recent Public Sector ICT Summit, she said:

“The pace of change is not slowing, the demands of our customers are growing, and our customers are moving towards self-employment.”

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is planning to roll out the use of this technology over the next few years. The fact that the workforce will be cut by one third by 2021 also means that more efficient ways of working have to be found.

Technology is already used by the organization to automate some tasks. However, what is proposed is far more radical. So, naturally, there are concerns from some quarters. For example, the proposal to automate fines for late tax returns could turn out to be illegal under current UK rules.

These changes are quite radical. Many of them will naturally impact the way everyone from accountants for dentists in Liverpool to the self-employed in Chester deals with collating their tax data. As a result, UK businesses are watching the progress of the planned changes closely.

Posted by Louise
April 3, 2018

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