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HMRC to replace local offices with regional centres

HMRC is intending to rid 170 tax offices throughout the UK and replace them with 13 regional centres. The move is due to a restructure with plans to decrease the budget by millions of pounds.

A recent report in the Daily Telegraph revealed that the plan will see regions throughout the country with no tax office to seek help from, and will probably result in thousands of staff being subjected to redundancy.

The newspaper said that the cuts are likely to mean that south-west England will be without a tax office, with East Anglia having little, if any presence, at all.

An HMRC spokesman said:

“We will inform our staff about the future direction of our estate. We have been clear for some time that this will mean fewer, but larger and more modern offices that will help us to deliver better services to our customers and bring in more tax revenue for public services.”

The changes have come at a time when HMRC is faced with criticism for lack of customer service. MPs said in a recent report that the tax body’s history of answering phone calls could even have affected tax collection.

The lack of local offices is not good news for SMEs who have sought tax support in the past. The new centres will be available for assistance but businesses may need to lean on their accountant for additional support. Fortunately, experienced accountants in the Wirral will be available for that very purpose.

Posted by Peter
November 19, 2015

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