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HMRC seizes booze after evasion investigation

Two men from Scunthorpe have been put behind bars after attempting to avoid paying excise duty of £6.4 million on a range of alcoholic drinks.

The HMRC investigation which led to the arrests will no doubt act as a stark reminder for businesses to ensure their books are clean. Many do this by working closely with their accountants in Eastham and across other areas of the UK.

Amandeep Singh Mangher and his brother Inderjit were caught thanks to a covert operation which saw officers from the HMRC seize a large number of spirit, beer and wine bottles bearing counterfeit labels. Products were found in a shop and in a double garage owned by the pair.

Both men were caught at another unit where a large volume of illicit alcohol stock was being kept. The HMRC investigators intercepted two lorries, with one of the vehicles carrying around 2,112 litres of vodka, on which the duty had not been paid.

The Assistant Director of HMRC’s Criminal Investigations, Jo Tyler, explained that the case was an example of duty fraud on a huge scale, with large quantities of spirits, beer and wine which was set to be exported returned back to the UK. She went on to say that the pair had attempted to cover their activities by covering the bottles’ genuine labels with fake versions.

Inderit Singh Mangher was given a four year sentencing, while his brother has been jailed for a period of 27 months.

Posted by Louise
November 6, 2013

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