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HMRC raids on the rise following government support

HMRC is showing no signs of slowing down the raids on businesses it conducts under its criminal investigations.

The tax body searched 761 properties within the past year, representing a 28% rise on last year, which saw 593 searches, says global law firm, Pinsent Masons.

The number is 53% higher than in 2011, when HMRC carried out 499 raids. The ongoing rise is HMRC’s reaction to continued pressure to prosecute a higher number of tax evaders. The government has granted additional resources in order for more cases to be pursued.

Pinsent Masons tax director Paul Noble said that bringing tax evaders to court is a difficult task, so property searches are a necessary approach for HMRC if it needs to obtain the evidence required.

Noble added:

“Tax evasion investigations can be complex and time-consuming to uncover what are often well-hidden tracks. Often the only way to do this is by getting access to personal documents, files or correspondence through searches of a suspect’s homes or business premises.”

HMRC can search properties to obtain evidence of tax evaders with a search warrant from a magistrate or judge. Individuals residing at the premises can be searched, with electronic files, emails, and personal documents all able to be taken.

HMRC is certainly on the offensive when it comes to tax evasion, which is an issue clearly among its primary concerns. Businesses need to understand this and ensure that theya re not in a position to be accused of evasion. This only reinforces of the importance of calling on an accountant for Wirral businesses.

Posted by Mark
October 10, 2016

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