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HMRC launches online disclosure service

HMRC will be launching a web-based disclosure service in April as part of a government transition to a digitally enhanced administration.

The internet platform has been referred to as a “one stop solution for customers to disclose tax liabilities” and will enable customers to upload files over the web so that they won’t have to take the more painstaking snail mail route.

The service is expected to be in operation by April the 6th and will comprise numerous features, such as web-based assistance that help customers by ensuring that correct disclosure has been made.

The service first came to light at George Osborne’s 2015 budget when he talked about an online disclose channel and how it would make life easier for tax payers when disclosing unpaid taxes.

The service will feature a web chat service for customer support, penalties and interest, a tax calculator, and a will automatically confirm that disclosure and payment has been sent.

Further, the platform will enable customers to let HMRC know about errors on their VAT returns.

HMRC said:

“The service allows our customers to access our service to disclose tax liabilities, whilst risk assessing entries and prompting the customer to check entries which seem incorrect. The service will include guidance to help educate the customer and help prevent future errors.”

Online disclosure is certainly a step towards the future for HMRC and saves on administration time for both the customer and HMRC. The numbers still need to add up, however, which is why it remains just as advisable as ever to employ the services of an accountant in the Wirral.

Posted by Mark
March 2, 2016

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