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HMRC denies Sunday Times claims of rich tax privilege

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has called out The Sunday Times for what it calls a “false” story about the way wealthy and powerful individuals are taxed.

The September 9th article claims that HMRC has admitted it allows very powerful people to avoid being taken to court over unpaid tax, preferring them to settle their debts privately rather than escalate the situation into a high-profile trial. The article includes a quote from an HMRC director, Richard Las, alluding to the “reputational damage” celebrities and other prominent society members can face over tax and other financial discrepancies.

On the same morning, however, HMRC put out a tweet claiming The Sunday Times article to be inaccurate, and stressing that the financial background of individuals is not a factor in whether or not the organisation pursues criminal investigations.

For HMRC to issue such a robust denial of a newspaper article is unusual, and some other Twitter users have responded by questioning how a piece that includes a quote from a senior HMRC official can be “false”.

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Posted by Mark
September 12, 2018

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