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HMRC adds new features to its app

HMRC recently made an update to its tax calculator app – a tool which allows users to work out just how much tax they have been paying and see the ways in which the Government puts the money to use.

Originally launched in 2012, users of the HMRC app enter their gross pay – whether that is annual, monthly or weekly – and the tool summarises the PAYE deductions made, providing a figure for net pay.

A number of new features have been added to the app’s current offerings, including up-to-date information on public spending. Through this feature, app users – whether accessing the app via tablet computer or smart phone – can thumb through detailed descriptions given for each spending area by category.

Users are also now able to enter their own tax code, which further improves the information on screen regarding the individual’s PAYE and net pay details.

Further features provide details covering the various tax rates that are used. The app now shows users the charge rates for National Insurance.

Since spring last year when it was first made available, around a quarter of a million smartphone and tablet users have downloaded the free HMRC app.

While there are numerous benefits to knowing more regarding tax deductions, specialist accountants for contractors will be able to offer advice on the best ways to legally and ethically minimise a tax bill.

The Treasury’s exchequer secretary, David Gauke, said the app makes the British tax system more transparent.

Posted by Louise
January 29, 2013

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