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Disadvantaged taxpayers to benefit from ‘deemed consent’

HMRC has begun taking measures to create an easier and faster process for the representatives of taxpayers who are disadvantaged or disabled.

Accountants will find it easier to communicate with HMRC regarding the income tax details of their disabled clients, after the Government department announced that there will now be ‘deemed consent’ for this taxpayer category.

This will make the process quicker for both individuals and businesses. Accountants in Eastham, and elsewhere in the UK, will be able to communicate directly with HMRC on the behalf of clients who are unable to do so themselves.

HMRC said the change, which was first revealed on November 12, is aimed at helping those who already assist incapacitated and vulnerable taxpayers. They can now make direct calls regarding tax issues, with the representative able to request important details on behalf of their client or family member, while also having the power to submit required papers when necessary.

A spokesperson from HMRC explained how security would be maintained:

“It is now possible to instruct a representative to inform HMRC of important changes or request certain tax information. Any information provided by HMRC will be sent to the taxpayer directly rather than the intermediary, ensuring the information remains secure.”

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group has expressed its approval of ‘deemed consent’, citing it as effective and simple. It also said that it had been looking for changes to be made for some time. It described the former approach as being “cumbersome and antiquated” with regards to processing authorisation and security.

Posted by Louise
November 20, 2013

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