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Demand for contractors is outstripping supply

The demand for contractors is outstripping supply in certain areas of the country, which means many people who previously were working as permanent employees are now looking to move into contract work.

A recent report about jobs by the Bank of Scotland revealed this renewed demand for contractors. Scotland is the area of the UK that is seeing demand for contractors grow the most. Donald MacRae of the Bank of Scotland spoke about the changes in conditions, saying:

“Conditions in the Scottish labour market improved in November, both the number of people appointed to jobs and the number of job vacancies rose. Despite the economic slowdown, employers [in Scotland] continue to hire, suggesting a rising trend in business confidence.”

Other areas of the UK also continue to have a real demand for contract workers, which means there is also a demand for accountants for contractors. Contractor accountancy is something that is generally outsourced because the ins and outs of UK tax and accountancy regulations and laws are complex, often subject to change. In cities across the UK – from Glasgow to London to Liverpool – contractor accountants work with local self-employed people to help make their lives easier and to ensure they are compliant.

IT and computing have tended to be the industries that have seen the highest rates of demand for contract workers, whereas recruitment for contracting engineers was not as strong. This does not necessarily mean that demand has dropped for engineers; it could simply mean that employers are unable to find the right contractors for the roles they have vacant.

Posted by Mark
December 24, 2012
Research & Statistics

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