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HMRC increases interest charges on late tax payments

The UK’s tax authority raised interest rates after the Bank of England base rate was raised. (more…)

New data released to enable business banking comparisons

As of 15th August 2018, banks are obliged to publicly share information on how likely it is that their customers would recommend their services. (more…)

How much annual mileage can I claim?

Most people that have a company car use it for both business and personal use, but of course tax is only deductible for business use. There are two ways to calculate the costs of annual mileage for the car. Both directors (more…)

Contractors not happy with IR35 rules

IR35, a measure to tackle tax avoidance, has been criticised for creating unnecessary costs for small businesses who supply workers for public contracts.

In May 2018, the (more…)

Are football season tickets tax deductible?

Many businesses purchase season tickets for their local football team. These can be used for business entertaining, as incentives to reward staff, or given away as competition prizes.

However, it’s important to (more…)