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What does the Spring Statement mean for Liverpool’s business community?

For businesses across the country, including Liverpool, what the Chancellor of the Exchequer has to say is of vital importance. The initiatives, changes to funding and taxation he announces always change the (more…)

UK businesses welcome the Chancellor’s Spring Statement

The changes the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced in his Spring Statement have been met with general approval amongst UK business owners.

In the Chancellor´s relatively short statement he covered a lot of ground. Many of the announcements he made will have a direct impact on (more…)

Thousands of self-employed workers face HMRC fine

HMRC has announced that 745,588 people had failed to file their tax return before the January 31 deadline.

This figure was (more…)

UK SMEs fail to claim billions in backdated R&D tax relief

It is estimated that The Treasury owes British small businesses as much as £84bn in backdated research and development tax (more…)

The benefits of hiring a specialist accountant in Liverpool

Liverpool is a great city for business. It already has good infrastructure, transport links, a big pool of well-trained workers and much more besides. In short, it (more…)