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SA302 Examples

The SA302 form is a useful document that most business owners and the self-employed can benefit from having at hand. Therefore, it makes sense for you understand what it is, whether you can get one, and how you can use it in a way that benefits you.

What is the SA302 form?

Many business owners have never (more…)

UK tax gap falls to just 6.5%

New statistics show that the UK tax gap is at its lowest point ever.

For the 2014/15 year, the tax gap fell to (more…)

Register of interests to be released by accounting regulator

The accounting watchdog for the UK intends to release a register of interests with details on ties between senior execs and the firms it (more…)

How your accountant can help you with staff retention

For any firm, retention of staff is an important issue, and it’s always better for a company to hang onto good people. These employees understand the business, and provided you continue to train and develop them, are a (more…)