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What can an accountant can do for small business owners?

If you run a company in the UK, there’s a strong chance that your firm is classified as a small to medium sized enterprise (SME). This is because, according to the government, over 90% of all firms that operate here fall into that category.

These companies typically employ between (more…)

HMRC digital timetable too short, say advisers

HMRC has such a “worryingly short” timetable for its digital tax plan that it would be wise to delay it (more…)

Politicians criticise FRC in delayed HBOS investigation

The FRC, the UK’s accounting watchdog, made a grave error by delaying an investigation into auditing of HBOS’ accounts, MPs claimed in a new report slamming how regulators dealt with the bank’s collapse.

The group received criticism from (more…)

How an accountant can benefit your company

When you run a business, it’s natural to do everything you can to be successful. Everyone that runs a company knows that if (more…)