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What is a contractor accountant?

A contractor accountant specialises in doing the accounts for freelance workers. In many cases, these employees are referred to as contractors rather than freelancers.

They are people who are (more…)

Dumping unprofitable products to build a stronger business

If you want to make your company more resilient, you need to keep good accounts. Doing so enables you to look at your business in detail, and work out where you are making money and where you might be (more…)

Tax fraud costing £16bn a year

Tax fraud losses total £16 billion per year, approximately 50 per cent of an estimated tax gap, says a report from the National Audit Office.

HMRC reported in (more…)

Taxman scores wind up penalty for Bolton

Bolton Wanderers, the North West championship club, recently confirmed news that the taxman is asking them to wind up.

The club, which has been (more…)

MP wants to reopen KPMG investigation

KPMG has received renewed criticism of the part it played in accounts being signed off for failed lending firm HBOS before the bank collapsed in 2008. This is in spite of KPMG being cleared of its auditor role by (more…)

Why every small business needs an accountant

As a small business owner, you likely have enough on your hands, overseeing every single detail of your company’s operations. The better your business does, the more difficult it is to juggle everything that needs doing. Inevitably, tasks (more…)

Tips for choosing an accountant

An accountant is like any other partner in business; they must suit you, your personal needs and, naturally, your business needs. Understanding that you are working with the best accountant for your business is going to mean that you (more…)