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Keeping your business accounts secure

For all companies, crime is a potential issue. Most businesses are aware of this danger, so take steps to protect themselves.

They lock up their premises, use (more…)

Taskforces collects £109mn tax in six month period

Taskforce teams, which were established for the purpose of bringing in tax, has collected £109 million within a six-year period, HM Revenue and Customs has revealed.

The number includes £64.9 million that was collected in (more…)

Getting your Books in Order after the summer Rush

For many small retailers, summer is a busy time. People like market traders, toyshops, sport shops and seaside businesses take a large percentage of their takings during this period. Often, a small retailer will use the money they make during the summer months to (more…)

The Importance of Reviewing your Accounts Processes

Businesses face a range of issues, and one of them is keeping up with day-to-day tasks such as keeping their accounts in order. Most firms realise that keeping accurate and up to date accounts benefits their business. As a result, (more…)

Ways to get your customers to pay you on time

For all kinds of firms, late payment of invoices is a big problem. In the UK, late payment of invoices is almost endemic. According to the Asset Based Finance Association (ABFA), the amount owed to UK firms has risen by (more…)

HMRC sending nudge letters, says law firm

HMRC is reportedly using more reminders in order to bypass the traditional process of resolving disputes. City law company RPC says that the idea is to pressure people who are (more…)