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HMRC collects a billion in advance payments

The taxman has collected one billion pounds in advance payments as a result of its new tax avoidance scheme.

HM Revenue and Customs reached that figure thanks to (more…)

Can your company reduce its tax bill?

Nobody likes paying taxes, but most business owners realise that it is important to do so. As a result, the majority of business owners work hard to keep good accounts and pay their tax bill on time.

Without a doubt, doing so is (more…)

The benefits of managing your firm’s cash flow

In the UK, and in many other countries, cash flow issues are top of the list of reasons why firms go out of business or go bankrupt. Sadly, in some cases these firms are actually profitable propositions. They just end up going out of business because (more…)

Accounting Tips for SMEs

The UK is home to hundreds of thousands of SMEs. Many of them are successful, but a significant percentage of them struggle at one time or another. Firms tend to find managing certain day-to-day functions difficult, especially when (more…)

SNP accounting error results in £45m loss for poor

The government in Scotland has scuppered plans for cash to be spent on helping the poor because it can’t provide evidence that it will be sufficiently invested.

The European Commission has suspended (more…)