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Should you outsource your accounts?

If you are in business, you can find yourself with numerous obligation and concerns. As such, it can be very hard to keep up and make sure that everything that needs to be done is carried out properly and on time.

However, you can lighten the load by outsourcing certain roles, including (more…)

The accountancy challenges that small retailers face

If you are a small retailer then getting your accounts right can be a bit of a headache. You can easily find yourself spending a significant percentage of your working day going over your financials, which is time that you could be spending on building your business and making more sales.

Small retailers have to deal with a range of issues, such as (more…)

Government imposes new sanctions to fight evasion

Tax evaders, along with professionals who help them in any way, will be subject to a number of upcoming sanctions that will include higher penalties and two (more…)

A brief guide to the Construction Industry Scheme

If you are in the building industry or have a lot of construction work done on a regular basis, you may have to register for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) set up this initiative to help (more…)

The importance of accountancy services for small businesses

Running an SME is hard work, as there is an awful lot to think about and do.

From keeping pace with your customers’ needs and changing regulations, to (more…)

Limited company or sole trader: which is best?

If you are starting a business in the UK, you can choose what type of commercial entity you want to trade under.

Many will decide to create either a limited company or become a sole trader. However, which one (more…)

Barclays loses to Grant Thornton in the High Court

Grant Thornton (GT) was victorious in its legal dispute with Barclays bank concerning Von Essen Hotel (VEH) Group’s non-statutory audits.

The issue started when the accounting (more…)

The importance of choosing the right accountant for contractors

If you work as a contractor, you will know that doing your accounts and dealing with the tax authorities can be both time consuming and difficult.

While many service providers have tried to do their own finances, usually they end up (more…)