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HMRC benefits from Eclipse 35 failure

Investors in a film partnership known as Eclipse 35 are being forced to pay tax bills far greater than their investment thanks to the Court of Appeal shutting down the (more…)

Cash flow tips for small businesses

Having a healthy cash flow is essential for any business, big or small. Every year, thousands of otherwise profitable enterprises have to cease trading due to cash flow issues. Small businesses are far more likely to experience problems in this area than (more…)

Understanding the UK’s legal company structures

If you want to form a UK company, there are several options available. This is good news, because it means that you can choose the right company structure for you and your business. Here, we explain the main legal structures that you can (more…)

Poor IT maintenance could lead to chaos for tax system

Tax administration in the UK could experience chaos due to a careless stance on HMRC’s IT maintenance, says the Public Accounts Committee.

The organisation claims in (more…)