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A last minute guide to online self-assessment submissions

With the deadline for making self-assessment submissions online a little over 48 hours away, if you haven’t yet completed this process you need to act fast. However, don’t despair, as there’s still time for you to get your submissions in to HMRC within the due date.

If you want to avoid the automatic £100 late penalty, you just need to (more…)

Lib Dems would tax rich, confirms Clegg

Nick Clegg has said that The Lib Dems would increase taxes for high earners if they are to win May’s General Election.

Appearing on (more…)

Understanding Self Assessment tax returns

The vast majority of people in the UK pay all of the tax they owe via the PAYE system, but more and more are paying their taxes – or a proportion of their taxes – via the Self Assessment system; this is because more people are working for themselves, running businesses, or have another form of income that is (more…)

Learning to PAYE the right way

If you run a UK business and have permanent or contracted employees, you will need to both understand and conform with the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax system.

The system is used by (more…)

What business owners need to know about VAT

If you run a business in this country, it is important to understand the Value Added Tax (VAT) system and to determine whether you should be charging this tax or not. Even firms outside the (more…)

HMRC criticised for helpline delays

Tax helplines run by HMRC have come under fire for being too random, with close to one-third of all callers being cut off prior to even reaching an advisor, a new study has (more…)

The ins and outs of filing your annual business tax return

In the UK, most businesses have to file a tax return at least once per year, and it is very important to do so (more…)