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MPs slam HMRC for snail pace in handling tax avoidance

HM Revenue and Customs has come under fire from MPs for being too slow in its tougher stance against tax avoidance.

The accusers also said that (more…)

Advisors should be ready for mass auto enrolment

Over 99 per cent of businesses in the UK are having to urgently make preparations for auto enrolling their employees onto (more…)

ICAEW claims HMRC could be over-devolving with Scottish tax powers

HMRC could be stretching themselves too far and spreading themselves too thin by devolving the ability to raise taxes to Edinburgh, says (more…)

Securing a loan as a small business

Most businesses struggle to secure finance as it is, but when the recession struck, things got a lot harder. Small businesses in particular found it a lot more difficult to secure the (more…)

The complications of contractor accounts

Working as a contractor is a great way to build up a good CV and to gain experience. It gives you the chance to work on a range of projects, and you are usually able to work when you want and (more…)

Deloitte’s investigation finds previous Tesco reporting issues

Corporate finance giant Deloitte has finished reviewing Tesco’s exaggerated six-month results, revealing that the damage is in fact larger than the original declaration of £250 million and (more…)

The importance of monitoring cash flow

There are many reasons to keep good accounts, but one of the biggest is the fact that accurate, up to date accounts allow you to monitor cash flow.

Without good accounts, it is impossible to (more…)

Accountancy tips for small firms

If you are a small firm, the chances are you are struggling to keep on top of everything that needs to be done. Bigger firms have the benefit of employing a large staff base, whereas many small firms are run by one person or have a staff of only one or two. For them, important tasks like accountancy can easily be neglected. To help you to avoid this, here are a (more…)

Your legal obligation to keep tax-related documents

In the UK, whether you are a sole trader, partnership, limited company, or PLC, you are obliged by law to keep copies or certain records. Some of those relate to your employees and your customers. This article only covers the accounts related records that you are obliged to keep – that is, the documents HMRC may ask you for to (more…)