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Four reasons why a small business should outsource accountancy

If you are a small business owner who has never considered outsourcing their accountancy, this article is for you. Here, we give you an insight into how outsourcing your accounts will (more…)

OECD advises HMRC on anti-tax avoidance

HMRC’s campaign against multinational corporations engaged in tax avoidance schemes has received support from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and (more…)

HMRC rolls out RTI late payment fees

Businesses with 50 members of staff or fewer that are late in dealing with PAYE concerns will receive automatic fines from 6th March, 2015, HM Revenue and Customs has (more…)

The demand for contractors in 2014

According to a series of industry reports, there has been a growing need for contractors this year, with one of the latest surveys revealing that vacancies have risen by eight percent in (more…)

Could women solve the IT contractor shortage?

There is an IT skills shortage in the UK and, in July, for the first time in 2014, this shortage was found to be more severe among contractors than permanent employees. With so few women in (more…)

Sage simplifies corporate tax programme

Enterprise software company Sage has launched a corporation tax programme in a response to businesses seeking a (more…)

Making a complaint to HMRC: what you need to know

According to HMRC, the organisation welcomes complaints, as they can be used to improve the service given to the public. HMRC insists that you will not be treated any differently having made a (more…)

What is the difference between accounting and bookkeeping?

It is not uncommon for people to feel confused when trying to understand the differences between the jobs that accountants and bookkeepers do. For those who run businesses, however, it is worth (more…)

Warnings issued over new HMRC tax evasion plans

Advisors have been quick off the mark in voicing concerns regarding possible new criminal and civil sanctions in cases related to offshore tax evasion.

HM Revenue and Customs is looking for (more…)

How do companies benefit from Real Time Information?

Real Time Information, or RTI, is a new digital system being introduced to make sure vital information – about tax, national insurance and other contributions that may be due – is made available to HMRC either at the time payments are submitted or before. This will mean that companies no longer need to complete a tax return at the end of each year. The advantages of (more…)