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FTSE 100 tax dispute provisions up to £2.39bn

Some of the largest firms in the UK have made increased provisions to handle worldwide litigation and (more…)

China and US concede cross-border audit inspections

US and China officials have pledged to undergo cross-border audit inspections in a agreement that could bring a long-term dispute between the securities regulators of each nation to an end, said a key (more…)

Government adviser involved in tax avoidance scheme

HM Revenue and Customs has invoiced a significant figure to a government adviser after it was found that he had invested funds in the contentious Ingenious Media scheme.

Anthony Odgers is the (more…)

FTSE 100 lobby chair says integrated reporting unclear

Robin Freestone, who chairs the FTSE 100 FDs lobby group, spoke at the Financial Director Conference and said that annual reports feature much of the (more…)

Understanding IR35 legislation

IR35 legislation was brought into force to prevent people from avoiding paying national insurance and tax by operating as limited companies in situations where they would otherwise be qualified as employees.

The rules were designed to (more…)

Six things every small business owner should know about payroll

Whether you handle your payroll internally or outsource it to a professional firm, there are a number of aspects that you should be (more…)

Over five million tax miscalculations made

The taxman has revealed numbers showing that somewhere within the region of 5.5m tax payers have paid an incorrect figure, with many now having to (more…)