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European Commission set to tighten up with tax rules

The European Commission (EC) has put forward a proposal for changes to be made to important corporate tax legislation. The aim is to tackle any loopholes (more…)

Disadvantaged taxpayers to benefit from ‘deemed consent’

HMRC has begun taking measures to create an easier and faster process for the representatives of taxpayers who are disadvantaged or disabled.

Accountants will find it easier to communicate with HMRC regarding the income tax details of their disabled clients, after (more…)

Management accountants benefit from wage increases

The salaries of qualified management accountants, as well as those of students still learning the trade, have risen much faster than the national average, according (more…)

HMRC seizes booze after evasion investigation

Two men from Scunthorpe have been put behind bars after attempting to avoid paying excise duty of £6.4 million on a range of alcoholic drinks.

The HMRC investigation which led to the arrests will no doubt act as a (more…)