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Choosing an accountant when going self-employed

Although it is not obligatory to hire an accountant when going self-employed, many people find that doing so enables them to manage their finances much more easily. Before (more…)

Self-assessment – a beginner’s guide

People who run their own businesses, whether as a company director or a self-employed individual, have to go through the self-assessment process each year, as (more…)

Company directors targeted by HMRC

HM Revenue and Customs is taking extra measures to ensure that company directors submit their personal tax returns.

No doubt business owners will be ensuring that they provide their accountants (more…)

Law firm says no legal duty for tax avoidance

Businesses in the UK shouldn’t be getting away with engaging in strategies to avoid tax by stating they are looking for the optimum return for shareholders, says (more…)

Securities trading could be “wiped out”

Securities lending could be obliterated by a new transaction tax, according to a leading trade group.

The International Securities Lending Association (ISLA) believes the levy will see lending fall by 65 per cent in Europe, cutting (more…)

More evaluation time needed to assess contact centre closures

The Chartered Institute of Taxation’s Low Income Tax Reform Group has said there needs to be further assessment to evaluate the effects of HMRC’s plans to close (more…)