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Co-audit supervision to continue between UK and US

FRC and PCAOB, the UK and US accountancy regulators, have come to an agreement in their ongoing operation of cross (more…)

Integrated reporting takes a step forward

The debate over integrated reporting has taken a new turn this week with the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) launching new strategic reporting guidelines.

The guidance, according to the FRC, applies to reporting criteria under the (more…)

Partnership tax changes on the horizon

The method of taxation for partnership practices could soon be changed dramatically after a meeting to discuss the ways in which system abuse could be prevented came to an end.

Partnership companies should ensure (more…)

Keeping accountancy services cheap but professional

Some accountants are able to offer their professional services at a relatively low cost because they have lots of experience in helping certain types of businesses (more…)

Reputation ranks above profit for directors

A staggering 75 per cent of decision-makers in the finance sector have claimed that their businesses would take short-term profit losses in order to protect (more…)

Why Liverpool is a city that keeps accountants busy

Liverpool became a major British city as a result of its busy port. In the 19th century, around 40 per cent of global trade passed through the docks (more…)

Outsourcing payroll services – why it makes sense

When running a business, time is money. In order to make sure as much time as possible is spent focusing on actually running the company, it can make a great deal (more…)