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Banks could be named in tax avoidance scheme

Under plans by HM Revenue and Customs, banks could be named should it be revealed that they are be playing a part in tax avoidance.

So it is more important than ever (more…)

Reform of Companies Act prompts businesses to act quickly

Experts are warning that changes to the Companies Act will result in businesses having to move faster on collating.

From the 1st of October, annual reports will need (more…)

HMRC addressing gap in offshore NIC tax

HMRC has estimated that a possible £90 million of tax liabilities may be recouped after proposed changes, which would see offshore bosses be, in the initial (more…)

HMRC to close contact centres across the UK

Tax institutes are expressing concerns over plans from HM Revenue and Customs to close around 280 of its contact centres, in an attempt to cut down (more…)