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Conservative MPs say cut corporate tax to 10 per cent

The Free Enterprise Group of Conservative MPs believe that there should be a reduction in the corporate tax rate, with a substantial tax code rewrite to compel (more…)

FASB and IASB submit proposal for new lease accounting approach

Rulemakers in the accounting industry have proposed plans for an overhaul in lease accounting. This would see firms required to account for everything when (more…)

Evasion agreements made by British Overseas territories

The overseas territories of the UK, namely the Turks and Caicos Islands, Montserrat, the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda and Anguilla, have decided to allow greater (more…)

£2 billion rise in HMRC corporation tax

HMRC was found to be overcharging businesses by £7 billion for corporation tax in 2012 which, in turn, potentially put firms at risk of having to close operations, say (more…)

Business confidence rising, says ACCA

Confidence is increasing among business in the UK, continuing the trend of the last two quarter. It is, however, still behind worldwide expectations, according to (more…)