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New rules for contractors in public sector

Contractors working in the public sector faced a change in rules earlier in 2012 that is still having an impact on (more…)

Demand for contractors is outstripping supply

The demand for contractors is outstripping supply in certain areas of the country, which means many people who previously were working as permanent employees are now looking to move into (more…)

IT contractors could be in for a pay increase

Contactors across the UK, particularly those working in temporary contractor roles in IT, could be in line for a pay increase despite the recession, according to (more…)

Contractors missing out on NHS jobs

Developing a business is important and employing a local cheap accountant for contractors to manage financial reporting and PAYE will leave contractors free to (more…)

Court decides that licensing software is tantamount to selling it

The European Court has made an interesting decision in regard to software licensing. Generally, any software currently purchased is sold under (more…)