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New rules for contractors come into force mid-September

From mid-September, contractors providing services to the public sector – and who are acting through their own limited companies – must provide proof that they have met all (more…)

Free fuel costs more in tax

Almost a quarter of a million drivers receive free fuel as a business benefit that, due to the high taxation associated with the perk, actually costs more (more…)

The benefits of hiring an accountant for contractors

Self-employment can be a very positive experience and managing the financial aspects of your new business need not (more…)

More people than ever are starting their own business

A recent report from Aston Business School has revealed record numbers of people are starting their (more…)

Small businesses are still reluctant to shop around for better banking

A recent YouGov survey has revealed that a majority of small businesses are reluctant to change their banks despite concerns over (more…)

HMRC to maintain call centres for now

HMRC is, for now, ignoring a central government mandate to close traditional communications channels as online facilities become increasingly available. In defence of (more…)

Survey reveals optimism over UK business conditions

A recent survey of UK business owners in the Yorkshire area revealed that 62% believe conditions have improved in comparison with the same period last year and the number considering overseas trading has increased by 17% over the first two quarters of 2012. However, of those surveyed, 10% reported that they were struggling to stay afloat as the recession continues.

A welcome initiative to relieve the lack of bank lending and ease cash availability for struggling small (more…)