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Contractors missing out on NHS jobs

Developing a business is important and employing a local cheap accountant for contractors to manage financial reporting and PAYE will leave contractors free to focus on winning all-important contracts. Unfortunately, some contractors struggle – particularly in today’s depressed markets such as IT when, in fact, a number of opportunities may be available in the NHS.

According to a recent survey by max20, a specialist NHS recruiter, only seven per cent of those contractors who were contacted and who had never worked before in the NHS were aware of the opportunities available. The survey also revealed that over 44 per cent did not apply for NHS IT jobs because it was believed that previous NHS experience was necessary. While a local contractor accountant in the Wirral can take reporting pressures off a contractor’s shoulders, it may be worthwhile for those who haven’t done so before to explore NHS opportunities.

This is particularly true for IT professionals with business skills, according to a spokesman from max20. The recruiter reports that it has placed a significant number of such contractors into the NHS who did not have any previous NHS experience. Those who are successful in gaining contracts tend to continue, coming back for more after being surprised and enthused by the scope and scale of projects on offer.

According to max20, the continuing NHS reforms will result in even more opportunities for IT professionals with business skills – particularly the reorganisation of the Clinical Commissioning Groups that will see growing demands for such expertise.

Posted by Mark
December 10, 2012
Small Business

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