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Doctors’ accountants in Chester

All doctors face strict tax rules regarding expenses, whether they are salaried or self-employed. The rules for a salaried doctor vary hugely from the tax regulations for a doctor who is self-employed. However, an accountant which has specialist knowledge will help you to minimise your tax bill in a legitimate manner, claiming all expenses, allowances and reliefs which you are eligible for.

Outsourcing accounts and the annual self assessment tax return to accountants with specialist knowledge in the medical profession will ensure that all documents are correctly filed in a timely manner, with all regulations correctly adhered to. Accountants often specialise in a particular area and have an in-depth knowledge of the relevant tax rules.

How will you benefit from doctors’ accountants?

Outsourcing to doctors’ accountants in Chester will help you to keep tax bills as low as possible. Professional fees and subscriptions are just some of the expenses which you may be entitled to. A reputable accountant will complete the claim forms and deal with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf. Your tax code can often be complex and it is difficult to calculate whether you are paying the correct amount of tax, too much or too little. If you claim allowances or receive employer benefits, these will usually be included in your tax code if they are below the specified threshold. An accountant can tell you whether the tax code is correct and whether you are paying the right amount of tax.

Doctors who are salaried often work outside of their regular employment, perhaps delivering a lecture or attending seminars, maybe even carrying out work as a private doctor. Calculating how much tax is due to be paid to HMRC becomes complex when outside activities are involved, which is why many people in the medical profession outsource to doctors’ accountants. Chester doctors who work in a variety of areas may require help completing their tax return or completing accounts.

Finding a doctors’ accountant

Reputable doctors’ accountants in Chester will be transparent when providing details of charges and the service you should expect. An established accountant will recognise that clients often want to have an informal chat before outsourcing their accounts. Here at Wainwrights, we will happily arrange for you to come and see us or we can come to visit you. Give us a call today for more information on how we can help you.