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Contractor Accounting in Chester

Chester is just 14 miles from our offices in the Wirral and, like Liverpool and Birkenhead, is proving to be a growth area for the services we offer here at Wainwrights. Chester is a modern, vibrant city sited on the River Dee and bordering Wales. It is home to many major corporations and is close by the Hawarden Airport, where the wings for the Airbus aircraft are built.

The historical City of Chester

Chester is one of the best endowed cities in the country for architectural and archaeological treasures that date back to Roman times. Originally the site of a Roman fortress, it became one of the major trading ports of the country, until the River Dee changed course in the 1700s and the port closed. Over the years, the city has experienced a chequered history of fortification and building that makes Chester the fascinating and vibrant place it is today.

Accountancy for small business in Chester

Here at Wainwrights, we have provided contractor accounting in Chester for years and have seen a steady growth in the number of small businesses taking advantage of our capabilities. The entrepreneurial spirit in Chester is strong and mirrors that to be found generally in the region. Whatever the reasons behind a start-up, here at Wainwrights we can provide the expert help budding entrepreneurs need to put their new enterprises on a positive footing.

Established businesses also require expert accountancy services and we have been helping small business in the region for more than 20 years. In addition to everyday accountancy services such as payroll and tax reporting to HMRC, we can help small business owners determine the best company structure for the type of business they are running. This is also true for start-ups.

The best business structure

When starting a new business or adapting to a change in the business, the structure should complement the intent of the enterprise and the vision of the entrepreneur. Whether considered as a sole trader, a partnership or a limited company, each offers operational benefits and pitfalls, and at Wainwrights we offer the expertise to help clients make the right choices. We have been providing contractor accounting in Chester for long enough to fully understand and appreciate the needs of small companies in the area. We will help make the financial aspects of our client’s businesses as successful and as stress free as possible.