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Register of interests to be released by accounting regulator

The accounting watchdog for the UK intends to release a register of interests with details on ties between senior execs and the firms it (more…)

Politicians criticise FRC in delayed HBOS investigation

The FRC, the UK’s accounting watchdog, made a grave error by delaying an investigation into auditing of HBOS’ accounts, MPs claimed in a new report slamming how regulators dealt with the bank’s collapse.

The group received criticism from (more…)

Financial Reporting Council set for change following EU vote

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has said that its role as watchdog has been slightly altered, and has even (more…)

MP wants to reopen KPMG investigation

KPMG has received renewed criticism of the part it played in accounts being signed off for failed lending firm HBOS before the bank collapsed in 2008. This is in spite of KPMG being cleared of its auditor role by (more…)