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Contractor Accounting in Birkenhead

Here at Wainwrights, we provide contractor accounting in Birkenhead and other local areas. The centre of Birkenhead is just over 4 miles from our offices in Bebington Village, and our service for small business and owner-managed contractors is growing, predominately through word of mouth.

The Birkenhead Area

New buildings and future developments in Birkenhead always offer opportunity for small business and improve the town even further. Professionals already operating small businesses and those about to start their own business should, perhaps, be considering their strategy and preparedness for taking advantage of changes as and when they occur.

Accountancy Services

At Wainwrights, we are experts in providing cheap accountancy services to sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. This includes help in setting up the business and advice to the entrepreneur in selecting what form their enterprise should take. As an example, a partnership solution offers benefits over a sole trader in that the partners are jointly and severally responsible for the debts of their enterprise. In a worst-case scenario, therefore, an individual’s debt risk is diluted through the partners as opposed to being responsible for it in total, as a sole trader would be.

This is not to say that a sole trader is not a good way forward. It does depend on the type of business and, therefore, it is important to perform an evaluation of the total risk that the business manager is likely to face. In many cases, being a sole trader holds a number of advantages in flexibility, control, sensitivity to customer requirements and, of course, keeping all the profit. At Wainwrights we can also advise on the availability of local and government grants, and identify organisations that have been set up to help new or existing businesses in the area.

A Comprehensive Service Provision

At Wainwrights, we have provided contractor accounting in Birkenhead for some time, seeing a steady growth in demand. We provide an inexpensive service for start-ups as well as for established businesses. Through the provision of key capabilities, from payroll to VAT, company and personal tax, the enterprise owner can concentrate on the importance of building his or her business while we take care of all the statutory HMRC requirements. Through the expertise we can offer here at Wainwrights, the business owner can feel confident that the company’s returns will be correct and filed on time to the satisfaction of HMRC, while ensuring only the right amount of tax is paid.