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Accountants for dentists

Dentistry is a hands-on profession in more ways than one and, when striving to give patients the very best in care and attention, surgeons are unlikely to have finances and bookkeeping at the forefront of their minds. Like in any profession, dentists will be able to devote more of their time to their area of expertise if they allow the recording of their financial ins and outs to be handled by specialist accountants. For dentists, who are working increasingly long hours to support the needs of a growing population, this can be a real godsend.

With so many dentists being self-employed and welcoming a range of patients through their doors, their hours can be hectic, and totting up the widely varying fees paid by customers is not a practice that lends itself nicely to the main priority of providing first-class dental treatment. Nonetheless, it remains fundamental for dentists to maintain accurate books and ensure they are declaring their earnings correctly – something that can only be achieved by investing their own time and labour into bookkeeping, or by sourcing it out to a professional.

At Wainwrights, we let the professionals get on with what they are good at and let our experience in reliable, professional accountancy speak for itself. Having been the chosen accountants of dentists for several years, we have struck a chord with this vital area of the healthcare sector and have picked up plenty of knowledge on how dentists operate and what they expect from an accountancy service. If you’re sick to the back teeth of managing your own accounts, contact us today to discover how we can provide accountancy worth smiling about.