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ACCA warns accountant to be ready for “50 driving forces”

There are a significant 50 ‘forces’ assuming a leading role in changing the worldwide public sector, and accountants need to be ready, says ACCA report.

The report claims that the main agents for change are the worldwide talent pool, business leaders’ reaction to change, availability and quality, and economic growth. The latter is the main driver of worldwide change, which was rated highly by numerous respondents in the East.

The ability to access worldwide talent was seen as crucial for many, although not as much in Eastern Europe- likely based on their inability to attract professionals from other areas.

While attracting talent remains a challenge in the public sector, the reaction of business leaders to disruption and change is also vital. Four in five of those who responded named ‘Big Data’ as a primary agent of change.

ACCA chief executive Helen Brand said:

“Collectively these drivers of change are making the public sector environment more fluid and forcing it to evolve. There is a huge opportunity to help shape the public services of the future, achieving value for money and long-term sustainability.

“Arguably, there are few other areas that provide the diversity of challenge and fulfilment found in the sector.”

Keeping track of these factors is not an easy task, and while it doesn’t excuse such responsibilities, business leaders have enough to deal with. That is why it is crucial that they seek as much help as they can. An accountant in the Wirral will be more than aware of these forces and would be of great benefit to any business in the region.

Posted by Louise
December 22, 2016
Research & Statistics

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